Stylists now have a platform for building and expanding their digital portfolios to be viewable by clients searching for beauty professionals in their area. This means you can instantly connect with one another on demand. No more shots in the dark. With goPanache, what you see is what you get.


goPanache has taken the hassle of appointment booking off the table - permanently. We're excited to offer a FREE booking system that caters to both beauty professionals and clients by providing instant booking on the go. Browse availability, compare it to yours, book the appointment that works for you.


With goPanache, you'll never miss another appointment. Once you've selected your stylist and booked your appointment, reminders are automatically added to your phone. Running late? No problem. We've built in an "I'm late" feature that allows you to communicate with your stylists and vice versa.

At goPanache we know your time is valuable - so we've made sure it's not wasted.

We've created a platform that allows you to search for stylists, browse their profiles, read their reviews, and schedule an appointment that works with your schedule – all within one app. Last minute schedule change? No problem. With goPanache you can change, modify, or cancel appointments on the go. Do you have a hard time remembering your appointment time? We've got that covered too. We've built in appointment reminders for you. You'll be reminded a day before and two hours before your appointment. No more uncertainty. No more un-returned phone calls. No more missed appointments. Look. Book. Go. That's the beauty of goPanache.